Silvio (Paul) Paolo Suarez – Culinary Arts - Mountainland Technical College

Posted: 01/28/2019

Silvio is originally from Ecuador. His family moved to Arizona where they met the LDS missionaries and converted to the church. Silvio attended Brigham Young University to learn English and later attended the Business Program at Columbia College.

Silvio followed his dreams to become a chef, so he enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Mountainland Technical College.

Silvio encouraged himself to be the best. He is a very dedicated individual. Silvio gets up early each morning to go to work, goes to school and after class, he goes back to work until late at night.

Education is very important to Silvio. He and his wife are the proud parents of a one-year-old son. Silvio hopes to complete his education and manage his own restaurant.

In Silvio’s words, “Mountainland Technical College is the meaning of a good education.”

View Silvio's Student of the Year video here.