Elisa Lopez, Dental Assisting, Mountainland Technical College

Posted: 02/21/2018

Elisa Lopez, Dental Assisting

Mountainland Technical College

As a young girl living in Honduras, Elisa Lopez dreamt of working in the dental field. She grew up loving her semiannual visits to the dentist and imagined that one day she too would be able to study dentistry. But when violence in her home country reached her family, she was forced to abandon her home and flee to the United States.

Now as a refugee in a foreign country, Elisa felt as if her dream was unattainable. Years later it was upon her discovery of MTECH that Elisa found a way to not only study dentistry, but to be certified in her chosen field. While participating in the Dental Assisting program at MTECH Elisa excelled in her studies. She was top of her class, had perfect attendance and even attended BYU while completing her program. Elisa was chosen as Mountainland Technical Colleges 2017-2018 Student of the Year for her determination, dedication and passion for excellence.