Daniel Ortega, Student of the Year, Southwest Technical College

Posted: 02/21/2018

Daniel Ortega

Culinary Arts

Southwest Technical College

Daniel Ortega was born and raised in Los Angeles and always wanted to move to a place with a small-town feel. Daniel eventually discovered and moved to Parowan, Utah where he currently resides with his spouse and two dogs.

After 12 years in sales with his local newspaper, Daniel made a drastic change to pursue something that he has always been passionate about: pastries and baking. This passion led him to take the Culinary Arts Program at Southwest Technical College. 

Midway through the program, Daniel was hired by Calvario's Restaurant to handle all their pastries and baked goods. His baked products were an instant hit and were so successful that when a vacancy near the restaurant came available, Calvario's encouraged Daniel to partner with them as their Head Baker and open a new bakery.

"Papa D's Bakery and Coffee Shop" opened its doors on December 15, 2017. Daniel has been determined to complete his certificate program with Southwest Tech, despite the challenges of working full-time in the evenings and weekends, and opening up a new bakery. He says that its all been worth it and that he is extremely happy doing what he's doing.