Posted: 01/27/2018

This week, Utah Technical Education Commissioner Dave Woolstenhulme helped unveil the State of Utah's 'Education Roadmap' - the result of a collaborative effort amongst all education stakeholders in the state.  Watch the announcement here.

Channel 4 has the story:

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) - At the request of Governor Herbert, his education advisor, Tammy Pyfer, announced the Utah Education Roadmap on Friday. The Roadmap is a 10-year plan for all education entities in Utah and aims to unify educators under a set of specific goals. 

The plan directs Utah's funds and attention to early education, teacher support, equal access, and degree completion. The Roadmap does not give more money to education today, but it does give legislators direction on where that money should go in the future. 

Read the full Roadmap here